Dolphin’s Pearl Classic

Dolphin’s Pearl – Free slot machine game

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Why should you choose Dolphin’s Pearl slot game

It is an easy slot game where even the beginners have a fairly good chance at winning. The classical version has been in the market for years now and has received great feedback from all the players who played this game.

How to make money in the game?

As mentioned above this is an easy to score simple game with all the bonus features incorporated and which it offers. The biggest owning is when the player has got either 5 dolphins on a line or else 5 dolphin pearls as the title itself suggest. The more you win the more you earn with free spins and bonus rounds. There should be at least 3 pearls for you to start a bonus round.

How to play?

  • First of all begin the game by pressing the ‘START’ button that appears on your screen.
  • Click to select your bet. You can select either ‘BET’ or ‘BET MAX’ and select the bet lines.
  • Then, press the keys from line 1 to line 9.
  • Press the button ‘START’ or ‘COLLECT’ to collect the win.
  • You can always press the ‘HELP’ button in you need any help.

Why should you play online?

An online casino game doesn’t require traveling. All it requires is that you have the means to connect with the internet and you can play at the comfort of any place you prefer to be. Register now for FREE and start playing!