Plenty on Twenty

Plenty On Twenty – Free slot game

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Plenty on Twenty slot game

You will enjoy a fabulous fruity extravaganza with Plenty on Twenty. This exciting game will keep you happy as you watch the fruit spin and stop at the perfect combination to give you a win! This really is a game which can repay you fantastic fruity rewards very quickly.

There are 20 pay lines and the game gives you five spinning reels to play. The aim of the game is simple; all you have to do is get the same symbol of all five reels. The winning combinations of fruit run across the spinning reels from left to right in the traditional manner so you will easily pick up the rhythm of the game and enjoy it. The lucky number 7 is your wildcard when you play Plenty on Twenty. It replaces any symbol except for the scatter symbol which is a star.

Getting started is so easy!

Plenty on Twenty is an online slot machine just like the traditional fruit machines we have all enjoyed playing. Every play line is a line which runs horizontally, zig-zag or vertically across all the reels so you have a total of 20 pay lines! Each time you put a stake on a pay line you activate it. By doing this you stand to win a great prize when the correct combination of fruits appears.

Once you have registered with your chosen online casino, you will be asked to choose how much you would like to deposit. Once your deposit is made you can get on with the job of enjoying a thrilling game of Plenty on Twenty. You simply choose how much to use in the game, it will be put into your slot-machine and away you go! The choice is yours. You can then put a stake onto each pay line in the game by clicking on the plus or minus button.

After that all you have to do is press Start and enjoy the game as the reels start to spin!

There is also a Gamble button which will appear when you get a winning combination of fruit. By playing the ‘Gamble Game’ you can double your chance to win! You have the choice of whether you want to Gamble your winnings or collect them.