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Xtra Hot Slot Game

This is a fantastic new game from Novomatic! Extra Hot is an online game which brings you all the excitement of a slot game with great prizes and amazing chances to win big. It is one of the most popular online games available.

With Xtra hot you can enjoy the colourful array of fruits, gold stars and game layouts and the exciting game play will keep you happy as you play to win.

Players are saying they love the graphics in this new Deluxe version of Xtra Hot which, they say, reminds them very much of the popular game Sizzling Hot. The difference here though is the detail, the quality and the rich wins!

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Your minimum bet with Xtra Hot is only 25 cents so you can play, enjoy the game and be in with the chance to win for very little outlay.

More and more people are choosing the online casino experience over the traditional one. They see great benefit from being able to stay at home and play whenever it suits them. It is such a flexible and easy way to enjoy playing games and test their skills. And research clearly shows that online casinos are known for their generous win rate. The research reveals that wins are up to 20% more than those won in traditional casinos.

This figure is significant with the number of happy gamers who win regularly is testament to how popular this type of gaming is. The rewards can be high for customers too. While it is a competitive market, high quality games, the potential for high wins, loyalty rewards and customer incentives keep players returning. Online casinos will look after you, give you fun and enjoyment and chances to win.

All these features, and of course, the high quality games available just like Xtra Hot and the other Novomatic games make online casinos a popular choice and their popularity is increasing every day.


You can enjoy playing Xtra Hot on Ares Casino and claim your bonus after your registration and first deposit. Xtra Hot is also available on Four Crowns, where you could claim a 500 Euro bonus. These are popular online casino where over 1 million people have signed up to enjoy the online casino experience and claim the excellent bonuses.